What usually starts as a concept sketches or an idea in your mind, you need to put that into paper and construct a design intent, a design document for others to see what are you trying to achieve on this project. the design intent/design document act as a basic requirement and you can now start doing designs either by creating your own or reverse engineer an existing design. the goal is to create a digital model for testing and analyzing before you create a prototype. A prototype is sometimes also called an MVP (a minimum viable product) which you can test to your customer to gain feedback before you actually going to mass-produced it.

Typical Prototyping Workflow

Prototypes can be made using a various of tools, depending on what you want to create, people usually do with laser cutters, a CNC’s (Computer Numerical Control) milling machine, a router or a 3D Printers. to understand more about this, you can contact us for training on fabrication lab workflow and peruse our solution systems.