FSL P-Series Pro 20×12

P-Series Pro 20×12 CO2 Laser

Designed for professional production and heavy use environments, the P-Series 20×12 Laser Cutter just works to get your job done faster.

  • Comes standard with RetinaEngrave™ 3D Ethernet that works with any Windows™ program that prints
  • Precision recirculating ball-bearing linear rails for long life and fast, smooth motion
  • Large working engrave-able area of 20” x 12”
  • High-speed stepper motors with 4th order path planning and control
  • Front and rear access panels fold to allow feed-through of any length of material up to 20in wide and 3in thick.
  • Motorized Z table, autofocus sensor, and advanced targeting and alignment laser included
  • Capable of cutting over ½in thick acrylic and wood
  • Can engrave bottles and round objects with the purchase of a rotary attachment (sold separately)