Felix Pro L & XL 3D Printers

The new FELIX Pro L and Pro XL additive manufacturing systems have been designed to perform at scale, and both have been constructed to ensure reliable output for much larger parts.
These are manufacturing tools for every stage of the product development and manufacturing workflow with an optimal price | performance ratio that can meet the demands of the industry.
✓ Large volume builds up to 144 liters
✓ Intelligent no-power detection for avoiding print failure
✓ Industrial quality 3D prints for prototyping and design
✓ Faster operations and ease of use with 7” touch screen
The Pro L and XL can work with a wide selection of filament, including PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, FLEX, Carbon fiber, Nylon, Glass and Wood ll.
To ensure the quality and reliability upon which FELIXprinters has built its reputation, both of these larger systems incorporate highly engineered print chambers, which incorporate an enclosed warm zone and a cold zone. The warm zone supports consistent temperature control during the build, which is particularly important when printing materials with a high shrinkage factor, such as ABS, carbon fiber or Nylon.
The cool zone houses the printer’s electronics, making sure that they don’t overheat and cause problems.
Intelligent features that remove many of the tedious and time-consuming hurdles.
When the dual extruders are printing together they are at different print levels, avoiding any collisions and minimizing print failure.
Years of experience
in precision engineering.
Benefit from the advantages of additive manufacturing, without the hassle. The Pro L & XL offers unmatched ease of use for professional large volume 3D printing.

The design of the FELIX Pro L & XL allows for the installation of future hardware upgrades with no fuss. Which means that you benefit from any new future developments. The ‘write off’ time of the 3D printer is therefore impressively low and makes it a very cost-effective investment. The release cycles for upgrades are approximately one per year. FELIX strives to achieve the best possible performance in the most cost-effective way.


Built Table300 x 400 x 400 mm600 x 400 x 6400 mm
Capacity48 Liter144 Liter
Dimension600 x 666 x 776 mm906 x 666 x 966 mm
Weightapprox. 63 kgapprox. 80 kg