VisualARQ is a precise, intuitive and free-form architectural software develop for Rhinoceros which adds architectural features and parametric architectural objects that are suitable for both 3D modeling and 2D documentation.













Integration with Grasshopper

VisualARQ alo has Grasshopper Components add-on connectivity, which allows you to work with VisualARQ objects directly from Grasshopper.














 VisualARQ currently is in version 1.8, which add:

  • More new features and enhancements than ever!
  • Section attributes for display and printing
  • New parametric Curtain Wall object
  • Show and hide levels easily with the new Level Manager
  • Texture mapping on VisualARQ objects
  • Improved IFC exporter
  • VisualARQ Grasshopper Components WIP 3 released
  • Plan View automatic update
  • Zoo support

VisualARQ also comes with options to add Savanna 3D 1000's model for purchase. VisualARQ also have an Education type licenses for single and lab version. for more information, please contact our sales rep.