Clayoo® is an advanced modeling application with the ability to effortlessly create any form efficiently and accurately, however complex.
Ideal for designers, architects, jewelers, engineers, artists, or anyone who needs to create complex organic shapes.

Clayoo® offers real-time tools to analyze distances, variance. Likewise, standard Rhino tools such as Draft Angle, Thickness Analysis allowing working in Real Time.


Clayoo® geometry is perfect for manufacturing prototypes, molds by exporting the STL, it automatically generates closed meshes. Clayoo® becomes essential for “Reverse Engineering” with advanced tools as Retopology, which allows you to create surfaces over digitized objects easily, being able to convert the result in Nurbs surfaces.



Unlimited Creation and Modification

  • Modeling from any geometry: surfaces, solids, meshes or from a sketch.
  • Edit easily using the most advanced tool as Join, Break, Divide, Separate, Offsets, Raise, Move, Extrude, Plunge, Shell… and much more. The possibilities are limitless!
  • Retopology 3D, Scan Data and STL to Clayoo® Surfaces or Nurbs.

When control and accuracy is important

  • Works accurately, freely, or both.
  • Define more control points in areas that require it.
  • Advanced offset, shell and bridge connection.

High performance, definition of detail areas

Allows varying levels of detail across one object. For example, when modeling a face you can use less definition across the majority of the area but choose higher definition around the eyes and eyebrows.